Castello di Giomici dormire in un castello italia

Castello di Giomici

  Piazzetta San Atanasio 2, 06029 Valfabbrica   A stay in a magical and romantic atmosphere. The Castello di Giomici, a medieval fort dating back to the XI century, stands on the top of a[…]

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Castel brando dormire in un castello veneto italia

Castel Brando Hotel

  Via Brandolini Brando 29, 31030 Cison di Valmarino TV   Live a fairy tale in the heart of the Prosecco hills in one of the most refined and majestic castles in Europe. Castel Brando,[…]

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Castello di Petroia dormire in castello in umbria

Castello di Petroia

  A fabulous holiday in an ancient castle situated among the valleys of Gubbio. The Castello di Petroia is a true oasis of peace and tranquility. Here, immersed in an authentic and ancient atmosphere, you[…]

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Castello di semivicoli dormire in castello italia

Castello di Semivicoli

  Via S. Nicola 24, 66010 Semivicoli, Casacanditella CH   Give yourself a fabulous stay. Involve yourself in the magical and unique atmosphere of the Castello di Semivicoli and the history of the many people[…]

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hotel particolari unusual hotels Castello-Orsini-Dormire-castello-Italia-Roma

Castello Orsini

  Via Aldo Bigelli, 00017 Nerola, Italia   Live an unforgettable stay among the majestic medieval walls of Castello Orsini in Nerola, a few kilometers from Rome. Magical scenarios and environments embellished with paintings, tapestries,[…]

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